Essential Fat Burning Foods

Scientific studies have highlighted the importance role of a healthy diet in attaining the optimal weight of an individual. Eating fat burning foods is a handy way of complementing regular exercise to achieve a healthy body. It has been shown that more energy is required for our bodies to burn (digest) protein than fat. Essentially, this means that the more protein one eats, the more calories the body burns. A variety of foods have been proved to be efficient fat burning foods:


Eggs are packed with protein which helps burn unsightly excess body fat .Egg yolk contains dietary cholesterol, which has been proved to have an insignificant impact on the cholesterol in the blood. However to remove any worries, the egg yolk can be removed, leaving the high protein egg white. The egg white is full of vitamin B12, a highly effective supplement in breaking down fatty cells.

Low Fat Dairy Products

Recent studies have shown that in addition to strengthening our bones, dairy products play a vital role in burning excess body fat. However it is important to consume these dairy products in moderation and take care to use low fat varieties.


Beans such as kidney beans, lima beans and navy beans are excellent sources of fiber, iron and protein. Care must be taken to cook them thoroughly because certain beans contain proteins that can overload our digestive system.


Oatmeal, despite its bland taste, is remarkably nutritious. It is loaded with soluble fiber which lowers cholesterol by absorbing and flushing out harmful digestive acids from the body. Sweetening and flavoring oatmeal is not advised, but adding fruit is perfectly alright. Oatmeal also helps combat heart problems and cancer of the colon.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the beneficial fats that help burn fat and lower the body cholesterol levels. It contains high levels of mono-unsaturated fats which have super health benefits. Taking some extra virgin oil works wonders for those on diet.

Whole Grains

Despite the no-carbohydrate diet fads, our bodies need carbohydrates to function properly. However processed carbohydrates such as pasta or bread are unhealthy since all the nutrients are lost during processing .Whole grains are what the body needs since they are unprocessed and contain beneficial minerals and fiber needed by the body.

Lean Meat and fish

Meats such as beef or turkey are vital for muscle growth and improved immune system. It is recommended that we consume only the leanest parts. Fish meat such as tuna and salmon contain proteins and omega-3 fats which are very beneficial to the body immune system.

Cruciferous Vegetables

These vegetables include cabbage, kale radish, broccoli, turnips and are rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins. Eating fiber is healthy as it gives a feeling of being full and therefore discourages eating more calories. Fiber slows down carbohydrate absorption after having a meal.

The Most Effective Facelift Alternatives

Facelift is becoming a popular trend in the cosmetic industry, and many people are venturing into it. In the past, many people opted for traditional facelift techniques that involved invasive and painful surgery. As technology advances, many non-surgical facelift alternatives have been developed to replace the invasive surgery. Here are facelift alternatives that require non-invasive surgery procedures:

Laser Face Lift

A laser facelift does not involve any anesthesia or cutting. In this technology, the exterior layers of the skin are tightened to remove wrinkles and fine lines. Although this procedure causes minor discoloration of the skin after the treatment, the side effects will vanish within a week. This procedure usually costs about $6000.

Microcurrent Face Lift

Also known as Bio-ultimate facelift, microcurrent facelift is the most affordable and efficient procedure in the cosmetic industry. In this procedure, an electric current is applied to the face in order to stimulate the natural cell reaction. This method will result in exfoliation and rejuvenation of the skin; reduction of sun damage, tightening of facial muscles, and improvement in the skin tone. Like microdermabrasion, microcurrent face lift stimulates the skin to produce elastin and collagen that leaves the patients with extraordinary facial enhancement. This procedure will cost you about $800.


This facelift method is becoming popular among men and women who do not want invasive surgery. In Thermage facelift, heat is used to stimulate the collagen growth and reduce wrinkles. In most cases, this treatment will last for about one hour. Typically, the cost of this procedure will range of $1000 to $3000.

Natural creams

With the increased interest in natural solutions, several creams and lotions have been developed to be used as effective facelift products. These products are made of highly concentrated solutions such as alpha hydroxyl and acetyl hexapeptide that works by reducing fine lines to tighten the skin. There are instant face lift powders that are available in local cosmetic shops and can be purchased over the counter. The demerit of these facelift products is that they require continuous applications to retain their effectiveness. The cost of creams will range from$20 to $80 depending on the type of cream.

Regular exercise

Exercise is an effective facelift method but it has some limitations. A personal trainer will help you to develop a suitable exercise plan. There is no direct cost of using this method, but you may have to purchase equipment used for physical exercise.


If you want a facelift, it will be advisable to consult a specialist to advise you on the most suitable method for you. The specialist will access your skin and determine the best face lift procedure for you.

Cosmetic Procedures and Instagram

Cosmetic procedures and instagram nowadays work hand in hand. You will find many people posting photos of after and before their cosmetic procedures on instagram. This has led to many people trying out different cosmetic procedures after they see great photos on isntangram that shows people who achieved great transportations. You can decide to search for the photos on the platform for you to easily know the best procedure that you can try. There are some people who may be close to you who have ever underwent cosmetic surgery procedures. You will easily compare their photos on instagram from where you will get to know the great effects that the surgical procedures had on them. There are many things you can learn from cosmetic procedures and instagram. Here are some of them:

You will easily know the most appropriate cosmetic surgery procedure for you to undergo

There are some celebrities who had issues like the one you will like to solve. After you see photos of the celebrities of after and before the cosmetic surgery procedure, you will easily know the best method for you to try. You can learn about the transformations that the celebrities underwent for you to know more about the possible methods that you can use.

It is very easy to learn about the best surgeons for you to hire for different cosmetic procedures

There are some surgeons who are known to offer the best surgical procedures, you will easily learn about such surgeons after you see people posting photos on instagram from where they will quote the surgeon who helped them in carrying out the procedures. This is helpful to you because you will have a chance to learn about the best surgeon whom you can contact for the services. Hiring the best surgeon will always lead you to achieving the best results out of the operation.

Instagram makes it easy for you to know trends in cosmetic surgery

There are new trends in the field of cosmetic surgery, you will easily get to know more about the trends after you decide to become an active member of the platform. There are some technologies that can be introduced in the field of cosmetic surgery, you will easily know more about the trends after you decide to follow certain celebs who may have undergone the procedures. This will lead you to making the best decision on which is the best trends for you to try.

Bullying and Plastic Surgery: the Role of Cosmetic Surgery in the Modern World

Plastic surgery is not only for the famous and rich, but also for any person who is looking to transform his or her look. It is also a social activity; many people have reported being bullied for how they look. One of the well known bullying and plastic surgery case is the story of Nadia Ilse; a teenager who had to take rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, and otoplasty after being in school and at home for her look. The story generated a lot of attention as the kid was yearning for plastic surgery.

Many people have raised a lot of concerns about the role of plastic surgery in the society. Unfortunately, the public thinks that the procedure is purely for celebs who want to look sexier. However, plastic surgery is also reconstructive procedure that can help one regain the lost self-confidence and esteem after instances such as:

Accidents- no one knows when an accident will happen and how it will impact on their life. Accidents whether workplace mishap, falling, car wreck, burns, animal bites can wreak havoc on your body. Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery is one of the best ways you can get rid such awful happenings.

Women who have undergone mastectomy may take plastic surgery. Although it is not doe for medical purposes, it is important as it can help to ease psychological trauma.

Birth marks and birth defects such as ear deformities, cleft lips, and skeletal deformities can cause physical as well as mental handicap. Reconstructive surgery is done to correct birth defects and marks and also restore one’s appearance and normal functionality.

Help in weight loss- is you are looking to lose weight; the procedure may help to get rid of the excessive skin that is difficult to shrink even after exercise and observing diet. Removing the excess skin will help to restore your appearance.

Plastic surgery controversies

Many people who have had plastic surgery have faced much bullying from their family members and friends. People argue that plastic surgery in immoral and against God’s will. This is especially very common among believers as they trust that every person was created in God’s image and purpose. Cosmetic surgery is good when done with a good motive. For example, small and saggy breasts can cause poor self-esteem and confidence. With the breast surgery, you can make your bigger and firmer. Thus, people should understand the role of plastic surgery in the modern world. Nobody should be bullied for having plastic surgery.


Things to Know About Breast Lift Surgery

Breast lift surgery is one such that many of the women opt due to the various reasons that have caused their breast too come down. It is the kind of the surgery that is not only opted by the celebrities but commoners who are conscious about their figure and beauty are considering to go through that. Breast lift is the kind of the surgery that is not suitable for you if you have lost elasticity and also volume of the breast. It is necessary for you to ensure whether the surgery is actually suitable for you or not.

Best Candidates

Women who are aged and also have sagging breasts also can go through the surgery for lifting their breasts. These kinds of procedure may bring many changes to their breasts. The best candidates for going through the breast lift surgery are the ones who are young, with good health and also who are trying to find solution for the dropping breasts. It is necessary for you to have realistic and practical things expected from the surgery. This is the kind of the procedure that can be taken care by the people who are of any size of the breasts. The women who are above the age of 18 only needs to go through this procedure.

After Pregnancy

The major two things that can lead to drooping breasts include pregnancy as well as breastfeeding. Many of the women who have got drooping breasts after these kinds of situations in the life has mainly gone through breast lift. It is suggested that breast lift should be chosen only after giving birth to the children. There are chances for future pregnancies to make changes to the result that you obtained with the procedure. It is good for you to do that only after you have finished with the whole procedure.

Massive Weight Loss

Weight loss in massive way can make you feel awesome and good. When you go through such kind of weight loss it can make your skin stretch which can lead to drooping breasts. If you have gained the result that you were expecting with weight loss then you can go through breast lift so that you can restore the firmness of your breast and also can make it have the same shape that you had before. If you are planning to lose more weight then it is better for you to postpone the surgery.

Choosing Surgeon

It is not a hard deal for find some surgeons who do breast lift as it has become a very common and widely used cosmetic procedure. If you want to go through this procedure, it is always good for you to choose such a doctor who has got accreditation from a good authority. It is always necessary for choosing such a doctor to ensure your safety. The experience the doctor has in the field and also the reputation of the doctor are certain other things that you need to consider so that you can easily get the finest results without any trouble.

Breast fat transfer problems

The concept behind fat grafting to the breast is very simple. It involves moving fat cells from one part of your body where they are in plenty i.e. the tummy, thighs and buttocks to the breasts so as to enhance their shape and size. Also known as lipoinjection or autologous fat transfer, fat grating is a surgical procedure that was used to reconstruct and enhance the breast in early 1985 but was later abandoned when liposuction which is actually an efficient way of harvesting fat was discovered. While fat grafting through liposuction is widely used today to enhance the look of the hands and face, its application in breast enhancement has really lagged behind. In this article we are going to focus on breast fat transfer problems.

1. Transplanted cell don’t survive long term.

One of the major setback of breast fat transfer is that the transplanted fat cell often don’t survive long term instead, it may form a cyst, be absorbed by body, produce scaring within the breast tissue or liquefy. If any of the above happen, you will greatly lose some volume and even develop lump.

2. It provides limited volume.

Another setback of breast fat transfer is that it actually provides limited volume (less than a cup) which is actually small when compared to other traditional implants. This means that the patient will not have the chance to get the ideal breast that she has always wanted simply because only a limited volume can be transplanted.

3. May cause breast cancer.

Because some fat cell can stimulate cell growth, there have been concerns that the fat injected into the breast can actually cause dormant breast cancer cells to grow. Although the research to verify this allegations is still ongoing, doctor worry that that women who choose to breast fat transfer have high risk of getting breast cancer.

4. It may cause necrosis

Necrosis is a situation where the fat transferred into the breast area die with time. This may cause pain and bleeding to the patient. In addition, the patient may also suffer from sore, pus and bad smelling discharge from the breasts.

5. No guarantee of breast symmetry.

One thing that this surgical procedure does not guarantee to patient is perfect breast symmetry. There are very many patients who are dissatisfied with the shape, appearance and size of their breast after breast fat transfer. In addition, this surgical procedure also create deformities at the donor site if too much fat is removed.

Brazilian butt lift: what is it?

If you long for a pert and shapely butt and no amount of squats seem to make a difference, a Brazilian butt lift could be just what you need. Perhaps more costly than other methods but definitely a million times more effective, so this option is worth considering. Let’s take a further look at exactly what a Brazilian butt lift is.

What is it?

A Brazilian butt lift is a cosmetic procedure that actually uses your own fat to reshape and re size your butt to your own preferences. It’s basically liposuction and a butt lift at the same time, which means you can contour your body by taking fat from your stomach, thighs or wherever you would prefer. Although it is a surgical procedure, it’s said to be the most natural one out there for your butt and for that reason plus the effectiveness of the Brazilian butt lift, it’s increasing in popularity.

The procedure itself will be done by a qualified and experience surgeon so that you can ensure the best results possible. Fat will be taken from the specified area of your body, before being carefully injected some into your butt. This will then be moved around to create a natural and shapely posterior, until your required results are achieved. Usually a lot of smaller injections of fat will be given, as this results in a more realistic look and feel. The entire procedure will be done in around two hours and you will usually be given a local anesthetic so this procedure is not painful for you. Some surgeons will offer to put more nervous customers to sleep, if they prefer this option. The healing time after a Brazilian butt lift is not said to be too long or uncomfortable but there are some things that you need to do for a few weeks, such as not sitting directly on your butt.

You can see from the many before and after pictures online that the Brazilian butt lift is a very successful procedure. There are many satisfied women and men all over the world, who have changed the appearance of their butt and enormously improved their confidence as a result of the operation. The cost of a Brazilian butt lift varies depending on where you get the procedure done, how much work you need and other mitigating factors.

If you think this is the kind of cosmetic procedure that you are interested in, I hope this has given you further explanation and understanding of what a Brazilian butt lift is all about.

Better Looking Butt Without Surgery

Do you feel that you are not beautiful enough because of the way your butts look? Well it is an obligation for all humans especially women to care about how they look and it the combination of more than one parts of the body that makes one look they way they are. Non augmented butts may seem to be the reason behind why you do not look as sexy as you should be. Surgical means of butt augmentation may seem very expensive or inappropriate to you just because of your health conditions but that is not the end of the world for you are the following are some of the ways you can have better looking butt without surgery.

Eat healthy food.

The reason as to why your butts look saggy is just because you are not fat enough. Getting enough fat means you should eat healthy. This is only possible through embracing a balanced diet and watching what you eat on a daily basis and trust me, after some time, you will acquire a better looking butt without surgery.

Get enough exercises and work outs

This is another great way of rejuvenating the looks on your butts. Having the right exercises can yield the best results as this is responsible for strengthening the muscles around these places and at the end of the day, you will have gained the preferred roundness of your behinds without having to undergo the risky surgical option which is normally the tendency for most people.

Use macro lane.

This option offers a semi-permanent way to increase the shape and size of your butts. This is a gel which is derived from an acid called hyaluronic acid. Injecting this substance to your butts results in tremendous and immediate way. After some time, this substance is able to filter out of the body and leave smartly augmented and sexy butts behind.

In desperation, people can do anything just to have what they want especially how they look. Most people end up using a lot of money in surgical methods like liposuction which is a very risky and expensive procedure to undertake. It is good to first study your body before you decide on which remedy you are going to take in order to have all the possible solutions at hand. This will help you choose the best option which in this case, is the non surgical methods which are gradual but at the end of it all, the results are appreciable.

Facts on Breast Lift Cosmetic Surgery

Breast lift cosmetic surgery is a procedure that is specifically tailored to revamp beauty of women by meticulously rectifying appearance of sagging or dropping breast. This condition is referred to as ptosis and is closely linked to a number of factors such as aging, pregnancy, breast feeding, weight loss and heredity. It is offered in accredited facilities that are run by experts in this field and have the necessary equipment.

How is it done?

First, the candidate is anesthetized to reduce the pain and other complications that could during surgical procedure. Ideally, a number of surgical procedures are used to remove excess skin around the breasts in a bid to tighten and reshape and support new breast contour. This in turn results in younger and firm breasts that significantly improve general beauty and appearance of the patient.

Types of Incisions Used

Crescent Lift: This is performed on women with relatively small degree of ptosis and is done in conjunction with breast augmentation.

Lollipop Lift: It’s done on women with moderate degree of breast ptosis.

Donut Lift: This is also referred to a Benelli Lift. It is an ideal choice for mild and moderate breast sagging.

Anchor Lifting: This is a unique T inverted incision done on women with droopy breast.

How is a good candidate?

This is one of the most common questions among women who wish to undergo this cosmetic surgery. Surgeons are required by law to first assess the health status of the patient before commencing the procedures. The best candidate should have no major medical issues, be over 18 years, the areolas and nipples should be point downward and well informed on the pros and cons of undergoing the procedure. It is also recommendable for one to consider the cost and amount of time required to recover fully in order to make an informed decision. More importantly, a professional cosmetic surgeon has in-depth understand and ability to explain the procedure to patient beforehand.

What is the amount of time required to recover?

The amount of time required to recover fully is dependent on the issue at hand. However, most patients start seeing positive results after 2-3 weeks. General anesthesia used usually leave patients feeling groggy for one or two days after the surgery both this is a mild side effect that disappears after the first week. It is of paramount importance to follow instructions provided by surgeon to foster healing process and attainment of expected outcome.

Bottom line: Breast lift cosmetic surgery is capable of safely improving women appearance. Be sure to seek it from expert surgeons to get value for your money and avoid health complications.

Laser Lipo For the Face – Some Facts

Laser lipo for face is becoming a popular way for both women and men to remove stubborn fat deposit and give their facial area a lift. Often, the face is the area of the body that starts to show the effects of aging and sun damage the most quickly, which makes this laser procedure very popular for people between 30-60 years of age. Excessive fat deposits on chin or face exacerbate the aging process, so people are constantly searching for ways to firm up their skin by removing that fat. Laser lipo on fact can also be used in conjugation with other plastic surgery procedures to ensure best results.

When any surgeon performs liposuction on your jowls or chin, a small incision is made in the most inconspicuous area (usually near the ear on he hair line). The surgeon then uses a laser to melt all the fat that’s suctioned out from that small incision. As face has very little fat, results are often visible quickly even with post operative swelling. 

All those who undergo facial lipo may not need another surgery again. The fat cell do not return in this area, so facial fat removal is almost permanent leaving you with long-term face lift with little need for any upkeep in future unlike many other fat removal processes. 

Laser lipo surgery on face has slightly longer recovery time than other lipo procedures. The facial area is often red and sore, and you may have to take strong pain medication to eliminate any discomfort. The recovery time is about two to three weeks, but some patients may need additional time if they simultaneously undergo other cosmetic procedures as well.

After the laser lipo surgery, patient is kept in a post operative area for observation during the first phase of recovery while the anesthesia wears off. On first wake after lipo on face, you may experience some pain but that can be controlled with the help of drugs. Some common post operative symptoms are nausea, dizziness and chills. It’s best to schedule some transportation from a relative or a friend, because you won’t be able to drive after facial lipo surgery. 

Recovery after facial lipo surgery also restricts your diet. You will be asked to limit the intake of certain foods to avoid any risk of infection. Proper water intake is important to ensure you stay hydrated. Due to some difficulty in eating and diet, you may even lose some weight after this surgery.